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Movie updates of interest (…for me, anyway)

So it looks like DC is going to be upping their game after Marvel and Joss Whedon kicked all kids of ass with the Avengers movie. I am tentatively excited for this: I love DC more than Marvel, but there are SO MANY ways this could go wrong. We’ll just have to wait and see, but if it means finally getting Wonder Woman, the Flash and Aquaman on the big screen, it’s worth a try.,0,6421111.story

In other news, we are a little under a month away from the Japanese release of the third Evangelion movie. As such, we’ve gotten a few short trailers showing tiny glimpses of the characters. Here’s Asuka (who, as my friends know, is my favorite character) running and shouting on the phone. I think it’s safe to guess this is right before a big action sequence considering she’s in her plug suit.

And here we have some of Eva’s traditional “VAGINAS EVERYWHERE” imagery. Ah, that’s the stuff. This is a sure sign that we’ll be getting some of the disturbing visuals that the old series became famous for near the end.  And yeah, that is definitely an eye in there. Maybe an Evangelion’s eye opening?  Or, even worse (or better, depending on your point of view), are we seeing what’s under Asuka’s eye patch?

And here we have the face of Eva-02, having been repaired after it got damaged in the climax of the second movie. Looks like it’s gearing up for a fight.

The movie will be released on November 17, and you can expect a lot of incoherent, rambling posts from me as I just scream about any second hand information about the film I can get.

UPDATE: And we have a new poster:


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